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Econ Datalab

Dive into the data and make Economics relevant

Econ-data lab


The Econ DataLab will provide students with professional experience in analyzing relevant economic issues for external clients.

In this Lab, students will learn the necessary skills to produce a sound applied economic report from start to finish. They will learn how to use statistical tools and mathematical methods to describe, analyse and predict economic and business phenomenon to meet the client’s needs. The main focus of this Lab is related to the art of using economic theory and statistical techniques to analyse real world data sets. Particular emphasis is given to the careful interpretation of numerical results for business decision making or policy implications according to the client’s needs. Once they finish the Lab, students will have created professional economic reports which will undoubtedly add value to their curriculum.


Meet with clients to discuss their needs.

Analize numerical results and interpret/evaluate relationships between variables.

Learn to be efficient in the process of gathering data and to organize that data in the most convenient way for its corresponding research question.

Foster a logic and rigorous reasoning when facing quantitative analysis.

Identify the relevant elements when facing a business decision.

Present to the client a final report or the different development stages of one.


Lab Directors

Ainara González de San Román

Ainara González de San Román holds a PhD in Economics (Universidad del País Vasco, 2013). Her interests focus on policy evaluation, education, labor market and gender inequalities. Her PhD research was concentrated on understanding gender differences,both in the labor market and also in earlier stages of life, such us children performance. She is also familiar with the use of a variety of quantitative methods in econometrics. She has regularly exercised teaching (Universidad del País Vasco, Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros – Madrid) and she is currently professor in Introduction to Economics and Econometrics at IEU.Over the past five years she has been part of various research projectson policy evaluation.

Rodrigo Alegría
Rodrigo Alegría

Rodrigo Alegría got his Bachelor in Economics from Universidad de Navarra (2001). He has also got a Master in Economics and Finance from Universidad de Navarra (2002) and a Master in Regional Economics from London School of Economics (2004).

He has worked mainly as a researcher in different research centres such as UN in Pamplona, Geography Department (LSE), Centre for Economic Performance (LSE) and European Institute (LSE) all of them in London.

As a professor, he has lectured in Spain and United Kingdom and has visited different countries such as Greece, Netherlands, United States or France for conferences and seminars. He is currently an adjunct professor at IE University (since 2010). His interests focus on urban, regional and international economics with a particular interest in the spatial econometrics analysis of multinationals´ location choices.

Lab Coordinators

Lyla Elbaradie
Senior BBA
Rusudan Topuria
Senior BBA

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